About Us

Mission and Vision

To develop and sustain an active collaborative relationship among universities and school districts in the London Region in order to inspire a culture of inquiry, advance skills, and promote knowledge exchange related to education research.


A flexible collaborative relationship between universities and school districts that is characterized by:

  • Solid understanding and appreciation of each others’ worlds (e.g., language, culture, goals)
  • Strong appreciation for research, program evaluation, and the scholarship of discovery at the classroom, school, and district level completed by faculty and/or school board staff.
  • Fluent open communication among faculties and districts
  • The identification and fostering of knowledge workers who serve as contacts between the worlds of research and practice
  • Smooth processes for collaboration, facilitation of research, research ethics review
  • Reduce barriers/deterrents to partnership
  • Strong appreciation by faculty for district priorities and by school districts for faculty research.
  • Accessible exchange vehicles, like a share point type website, that could include:

a) A searchable history of research conducted in each school district,
b) A listing of faculty members’ areas of research and contact information,
c) Consistent application forms for conducting research in school districts,
d) A knowledge exchange discussion forum

Values / Commitments

  • Universities and School Districts contribute as partners to the Research Exchange
  • Communication is open and transparent (attempts are made to find a common language)
  • Focus on dialogue and trust building


  • Availability of sharing forum and the number of ‘hits’.
  • Increased understanding/knowledge of each others worlds
  • Fewer barriers /deterrents to partnerships and working together
  • Increased involvement of universities in school districts (e.g., number of collaborative research projects initiated, availability of speaker series, etc.)